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NCLEX review class with Adel- Student comments...

Ms. Adel is the best! The information that she prepared us with is priceless. She is very skillful and she teaches with love. I would recommend Ms. Adel to anyone. She is so magnificent that she could teach a blind and deaf person and they would pass the NCLEX on the first try. She is outstanding. I learned so much from her. I know that I will pass.

She is the best! Awesome! Amazing! I 'm so very glad that I had the opportunity to attend Ms. Adel Blanco's review! She has definitely enhanced my test taking strategies! I will definitely recommend her to future nursing students! Oh, did I mention super duper fabulous, kind hearted, and nice!

She is so awesome! Not boring at all. Makes lessons easy to understand, She also explains everything and teaches strategies to answer questions, making it easy for us. I really learned a lot from her and now I understand things more than when I was in school. GREAT INSTRUCTOR!!

She is a brainiac. She is the best nurse. She has knowledge, extremely smart. I have learned more now than ever.

This wonderful human being is the best thing that could happen to this school. I feel I learned more in this review class than during the 18 months I was in school. This class is a must have!

Very happy with the information that she provided. Learned more with her than alll 111 years of class.

Ms. Adel is the greatest teacher I have had at Homestead. I only wish this class was given at the beginning of the LVN program. Ms. Adel is happy and she loves to teach. She loves what she does and she is great at it. I hope she continues to teach more students. Thanks so much, E. W.

I felt sorry for her. She was teaching us and reviewing at the same time. It was hard work on her part. It's like we started from the very beginning. She made us understand the things that made us confused before. She presented it with ease, which made it easy for us to comprehend more. There's no more to say, she's the best! Excellent!

Ms. Adel provided tools that helped me a lot to understand NCLEX more. She's very organized and explains topics clearly.

Ms. Adel was very helpful. I 'll never forget taking her review class. She's awesome! I will keep on attending her class until I take my actual test. She makes me confident. Her test taking strategy was very helpful. Doing a lot of practice tests helped me very much. I thank Homestead because having her class in the school has helped us to understand how to take our NCLEX exam. She is one of a kind.

Ms. Blanco is a wonderful person and a wonderful teacher. I can recommend her with other schools and classmates. I'm giving her a very satisfactory review, 100% excellent. Thanks very much for letting me stay in your review, Mrs. Blanco. God bless you.

Ms. Adel is an asset for this institution (Homestead). She knows what she is presenting to the class - the lecture is very relevant to the review taken in the classroom. The explanations with examples are well presented and very clear to understand.

I'm looking forward to taking more of your review classes. You were very helpful and easy to understand. I wish we had you as a teacher here at Homestead. I feel like I've learned a lot from you.

I'm very satisfied with all of the learning tools. I've learned a lot from this review. I just have to put forth more effort. I deeply appreciate this review class. It's given me more knowledge. Thank you! Thanks a million, Mrs. Blanco!

With Ms. Adel, I've learned how to do test taking strategies. She's very good and awesome! She knows what she is doing and she is very energetic. Thanks, Ms. Blanco.

Too many groups were talking, interrupting the lecture. Since they were busy talking, they kept asking the instructor to repeat (speaking their own language the whole time). Students need to learn manners- adult manners! The teacher is excellent! I will take her class again.

Please provide more time with the review with Ms. Blanco.

I would like to recommend Ms. Blanco for future NCLEX reviews. She is excellent at teaching NCLEX reviews. She makes sure your ready to take the NCLEX exam. I'm going to attend her upcoming class in January and continue until I take the NCLEX exam.

This class/review was great! Thank you Ms. Adell

I'll continue attending her review class. She is knowledgeable. I learned a lot from her. Keep her here at Homestead! She is an asset to our school.

I recommend this NCLEX review for any student that's getting ready to take the NCLEX exam. Mrs. Blanco is very knowledgeable

Mrs. Blanco is an excellent teacher.