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Homestead Schools Received "ZERO DEFICIENCY" Award from ABHES, an Accrediting Agency Approved by The DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION

"You may already know that there's a great shortage of nurses across the country and, particularly, in California". This quote is taken from 2007 Homestead Schools' article and it is still true today, two years later. In fact, according to the California Employment Development Department's prediction, 27,100 job openings will be available to licensed vocational nurses (LVNs) by 2010, next year. Despite many people losing their jobs from all other sectors, nurses, continue to be in high demand. According to the U.S. Bureau of Health Professions, California will need over 60,000 additional licensed nurses to meet the projected demand for nursing services in 2020.

To meet this growing shortage of nurses, Homestead Schools, a leading name in health education offers vocational nursing programs to provide theory and clinical instruction that prepare nurses to take immediate jobs in the medical field. Besides the vocational nursing program, Homestead Schools also offers training in: Medical Assistant, Nurse Assistant, IV Therapy and Blood Withdrawal, and continuing education for RNs and LVNs.

Homestead Schools, established in 1991, has been dedicated to meeting the educational needs of professionals from various disciplines, students and consumers. In a recent development, Homestead Schools applied to Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES) for recognition as a provider of training in health-related fields. ABHES is an entity nationally recognized by the U.S. Department of Education to ensure that each school meets certain minimum educational and financial standards. ABHES requires a very thorough application documenting school's curriculum, lesson plans, accounting and auditing system, faculty and student counseling support, and financial resources of the school. A team of experts visited the school, inspected the facilities, reviewed school records, interviewed faculty, administrative staff, and students, and passed on the adequacy of clinical training sites used by the students.

At the conclusion, Homestead passed with flying colors. In fact, the school exceeded the "technology" standard by providing individual computers to students in the classroom which they use for taking various exams, practice NCLEX-style questions, and do research on the Internet. At the annual conference in Las Vegas the school received a special recognition award for passing the inspection with "zero deficiency."

Upon receipt of accreditation from ABHES, the school will move forward in obtaining the Associate's Degree in Nursing program (ADN) more commonly known as the "Bridge Program" (LVN to RN).  Homestead Schools' recent graduates and past graduates are already looking forward to do their ADN program in Homestead.  The next step now is obtaining the Federal Student Aid. The school has submitted its application to the Department of Education, which when approved will allow it to offer financial aid and federally guaranteed loans to those students who qualify.

In the meantime, new classes are being organized continuously; for instance, a weekend class and a day class will start next month and the school is accepting applications for these classes. The school offers generous and flexible payment plans to accommodate the needs of the students. The student counselor sits down with a prospective student and reviews each option to formulate an individual plan of success. As everyone knows presently times are tough and students are scrambling to finance their tuition through a variety of ways, such as applying for career training loans, signing up for the school's installment pay plan, and asking the family to make an investment in their future. Sometimes it takes a combination of these methods to bring the plans to fruition. No less important are the determination, perseverance, and confidence in the future that each student displays in the pursuit of the dream.

Homestead Schools have had 4 groups of students that have graduated. Many of them are now working as licensed vocational nurses (LVNs) and 5 more groups of students are currently attending the VN program. The dedication of the faculty and staff in Homestead Schools clearly shows when each and every one of the students, past and present, are asked about their experiences from Homestead Schools. They only have positive feedbacks and often refer the school to their friends and families.

The school is located at 23800 Hawthorne Blvd. Suite 200, Torrance, CA 90505 and can be reached at (310) 791-9975. Ask for their student counselors. They may help you get on the path to a new career.